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    To an improvement of rotatable shaft in a former holder used in dipped latex products manufacturing process wherein the shaft  is connected to a coupling unit to a conveyor chain and a roller body that accommodates a former. a former holder comprises of a roller body having a central recess portion (15) to accommodate a former; a d-shaped cross-section shaft disposed and secured to the roller body and; a locking means to hold and lock the former. the roller body of the former holder having a former guide centrally located on the recess portion and matingly engageable to the mouth opening  of the former. a shaft with a d-shaped cross- section at one end secured with a locking means  which is configured substantially at the right angle to the former guide  and; the other end of shaft is connected to a coupling unit associated with the conveyor chain. the locking means is displaceable along the common axis of the shaft by a biasing means of holder set and it is activated by action of spring of the biasing means to secure and lock the former firmly.

    The arrangement and method of assembling former holders” discloses an arrangement and method of assembling former holders to replace the conventional single former holder method to increase quantity and productivity in glove production. The method of assembling former holders in glove production of the disclosed publication includes a pin attached at the end of each of said shafts that extend from said chain; two hinges attached to the pin with each carries a holder attachment, which means two former holders share one shaft extension, whereby the pair of hinges on the same shaft extension would have one on top of the other during glove production and the pair of former holders at the end of each of said extension shafts are separated with either one of the pair of former holders tilted by 90 degrees away from its original position during processes like printing and glove stripping. However the stripping efficiency of the above arrangement of the former holders is still not up to a desired level. Moreover, with the above arrangement there are chances of bypassing of gloves during the stripping process, which again reduces the efficiency of the glove manufacturing process.





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