• Professional Manufacturer Of Glove Former Holder and Chain

    Ningbo Giant Bearings Manufacturing Co., Ltd is located in the beautiful and rich coastal city of Yuyao,Ningbo, companies adhering to the “people-oriented,sincerity”the management idea, unceasingly to provide customers with stable quality products and perfect service. We Are a manufacturer  of be...
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  • Main classifications of transmission chains

    The transmission chain mainly includes: stainless steel chain, three types of chain, self-lubricating chain, sealing ring chain, rubber chain, pointed chain, agricultural machinery chain, high strength chain, side bending chain, escalator chain, motorcycle chain, clamping conveyor Chain, hollow p...
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  • Problem solving method of conveyor chain

    The conveying chain is the same as the transmission chain. The precision conveying chain is also composed of a series of bearings, which are fixed by the chain plate with restraint, and the positional relationship between each other is very accurate. Each bearing consists of a pin and a sleeve on...
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